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  1. Licensing
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Assessing Agencies

What is an IRSE Assessing Agency? 

IRSE Licensing provides a cross-industry benchmark of excellence and competence for design, installation, testing, project engineering and senior technical management personnel working on train control and railway telecommunications systems. Assessments of potential and renewing licence holders are conducted by approved assessing agencies, which are often employers of individuals undertaking licensable work, but there are also independent agencies who will assess individuals.

Current IRSE assessing agencies include industry names such as Hitachi Rail STS, London Underground, Network Rail, Siemens UK and PM Training. You can find a full list of IRSE Assessing Agencies here.

What are the benefits of being an IRSE Assessing Agency?

As an IRSE Assessing Agency you can:

  • Contribute to maintaining professional excellence in the rail industry 
  • Deliver an industry-recognised professional development option for your people
  • Generate a new revenue stream for your organisation
  • Assess personnel within your own and other organisations
  • Open up the wide range of IRSE licence holder benefits to all those you successfully assess

How can an organisation become an IRSE Assessing Agency?

If you are in the field of railway signalling and telecommunications engineering and have a commitment to professional development in the industry you are welcome to apply!

You will need to provide:

  • A letter formally requesting your approval as an IRSE assessing agency
  • A copy of your procedures showing how you intend to operate the licensing scheme
  • A business plan showing the number of licences you expect to process
  • Evidence of your public and professional indemnity insurance
  • Copies of role application and self-assessment forms for relevant personnel
  • Copies of letters of appointment and evidence of appropriate qualifications for relevant personnel.

For more details on the application process contact the Licensing Team You can also download our leaflet “Become an IRSE Assessing Agency" here.

IRSE events for assessing agencies

A meeting for assessing agencies is held annually, which covers key topics of relevance to assessors and those delivering the scheme. Presentations cover:

  • An update on audits of assessing agencies and issues arising
  • Summary of briefing notes and changes to competence assessment checklists and procedures
  • Financial report
  • Good practice guidance
  • Assessing agency feedback
  • A Q&A session with the IRSE team

If you are an assessing agency and would like a copy of the presentations given at recent events please contact

Briefing notes for assessing agencies

IRSE regularly produces briefing notes giving detailed guidance on various aspects of the Licensing Scheme.

Briefing notes are guidance which is designed to help both Assessing Agencies and licence holders/applicants to understand the requirements of the Competence Assessment Checklists. Briefing notes are also used to explain any changes that are made to the Scheme or its supporting documentation.

Recently issued IRSE briefing notes can be found here

How to find out more

Email to find out more about becoming an IRSE Assessing Agency or how to access the benefits listed above.